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Updated: 02/16/2013

Animas Herbal Healing Center Specials

BANANA KUSH: soil grown [afternoon, evening] (OG Kush x Bubba Kush)
pleasant banana avor Indica dominant, provides a very nice, strong full body stone- good for pain or couch lock

CHEMDAWG 4: soil grown, [mid day, evening] original seed from Grateful Dead lot
Indica hybrid – Amazing aroma, Chem 4 comes on cerebrally but soon settles into a heavy body buzz

LAZY EYES: soil grown [afternoon, evening] Thought to be Romulan x Cat Piss
Indica dominant- An AHWC exclusive, peppery avor, hashy, heady and hard hitting

NYPD : soil grown [afternoon, evening] NYC Diesel x with Granddaddy Purps
Indica dominant -Two well known strains come together, tight dense nugs and sure to pack a punch

POWER KUSH: soil grown [evening] Afghani x Skunk #1
Indica dominant – a great day ender, very potent, good for the munchies

RASKAL OG: soil grown [evening, night] Fire Kush x San Fernando Valley OG Kush Indica dominant – Relaxing with a nice Og taste and avor, great pain reliever

SENSI STAR: soil grown [evening, night] Afghani x Big Sur Holy
Indica dominant – A sleepy insomnia giant with large dense beautifully frosted nugs

SOUR BUBBA: soil grown [evening, night] Pre-98 Bubba Kush x Sour Diesel Indica dominant – An AHWC exclusive, intense on every level, quickly becoming a shop favorite

ALIEN DAWG: soil grown [day time] Alien OG from Cali Connection Seeds X Chem Dawg Sativa hybrid – Mellow high, nice for day time motivation

DONKEY CHRON : soil grown [afternoon, evening] unknown genetics
It’s dare we say… Re“donk”ulously uplifting, dense purple buds with top notch crystal content

FIRE GRAPES: soil grown [afternoon, evening] Fire OG x Gorilla Grape
Indica Hybrid – Nice avorful smoke, strong body buzzzz, but still alert and upbeat

FLO: soil grown [evening] (Highland Thai x Purple Thai) x Afghani Skunk
60% Sativa / 40% Indica – DJ Short’s oral entry with a light, fresh aroma, strong and long lasting

GRAPE STOMPER: soil grown [evening] Purple Elephant x Chemdog Sour Diesel
Sativa Hybrid – Super frosty nuggs oering a hint of grape aroma and heavy heady buzz

HASH PLANT x SUPER SILVER HAZE: soil grown [afternoon, evening] Hash Plant x Super Silver Haze
50% Indica 50% Sativa – A deceivingly strong eect, very well balance between Indica and Sativa

HEADBAND: soil grown [morning, mid day] OG Kush x Master Kush x Sour Diesel
Indica dominant – all the rage, another Humboldt original, stupefying and heavy a shop favorite

NYC DIESEL: soil grown [evening, night] Sour Diesel x Afghani x Hawaiian
60% Sativa / 40% Indica – Cerebral medicine with a hint of body eect and a heavy head stone

SPACE TRAIN: soil grown [mid-day, afternoon] Chernobyl x Crazy Train
Sativa dominant hybrid – the feel a of a sativa rush that takes you on a ride to space! Have fun!

SOUTHWEST STOMPER: soil grown [afternoon, early evening] unknown genetics
Indica dominant Hybrid – A nice hit between the eyes, much like wearing a helmet with a smooth earthy pine avor

SUPER LEMON HAZE: soil grown [all day, morning] Lemon Skunk x Super Silver Haze
A nice light citrus avor with a powerful long lasting high, balanced between a physical and a cerebral buzz

SUPER SILVER HAZE KUSH: soil grown [afternoon, evening] Super Silver Haze x Kush
80% Sativa 20% Indica Buzzy with a spacey, unfocused side, denitely wacky!

CASEY JONES X EAST COAST SOUR DIESEL: Soil grown [morning, afternoon] Casey Jones x East Coast Sour Diesel
A long lasting, creative, clear grounding energy with a nice blend of fruity and diesely avor

CHEM 91: soil grown, [afternoon, mid day]
Sativa dominant – oers a heavy active energizing head buzz

DREAMIN SOUR: soil grown [morning, mid-day] Blue Dream x Sour Diesel
A balanced energy high, notes of fruity avor and high THC content make this a daytime pleaser

JACK FLASH: soil grown [afternoon, evening] Jack Herer x Super Skunk x Haze
Sativa – A strong upbeat sativa with a earthy avor, a great social outdoor smoke

RIP TIDE: soil grown [morning, afternoon, or anytime] unknown genetics, powerful oral scent and taste,
cerebral sativa rush with a deep indica undercurrent. Get washed away!
SNOWDOG BACK CROSS: soil grown [mid day, afternoon] Snowdog x (Chem Dog x Sour D)
Sit back, relax and clear your head while your taste buds enjoy it’s pleasant fruity avor

XXX DIESEL: soil grown [mid day, evening]NYCD x Sour D x Purple D
Sativa dominant – a solid, smooth diesel, really mind altering and long lasting

WHITE DOG: soil grown [morning, afternoon] Trece Dawg x With the White
Sativa dominant – highly focused and euphoric high with an fun upbeat punch to get you through the day

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